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Basic Photoshop is taught by Nicholas Licata, Owner and operator of Emilia Grace Photography in Pine Bush New York. The course is offered through the Pine Bush High School Department of Continuing Education.

The class usually meets from 7 to 9pm one night a week for six weeks, and covers the basics of using Photoshop to create and edit images. Students will learn how to use the tools of photoshop, how to create and manage files, how to edit artwork and photographs, how to use layers and masking techniques to get the most out of their images.

Reqirements: Students must have a copy of Photoshop that they can practice on between classes. Each night new skills will be learned and reviewing these skills at home is paramount. The assignments in class are basic and universal so while some tools and functions might be slightly different or absent in older versions, it is not vital to have the latest version of Photoshop.

For information on the current class schedule and fees, please download the current schedule from the Pine Bush Central School District's website, or contact us using the form below.


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